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Important Questions to Ask Your Homeowners Insurance Agent

While most homeowners do not dispute the need to insure their most valuable investment, many would agree that insurance itself can be very confusing, frustrating, and difficult to comprehend. Pages and pages of legal jargon compile a book-like document known as the policy capable of making even the most savvy homeowner’s head spin. It can […]


Car Insurance for Low-Mileage Users

Do you own a car that barely leaves the garage on most days? Most insurance companies offer a conventional low-mileage discount to drivers who maintain annual mileage under a particular brink, such as 6,000 miles a year. In most states, the discount reduces the insurance rates on a full coverage policy by 2 percent. The […]

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Can Car Insurance Check My Phone Records?

The insurance companies do not ask for phone records at the time of purchase of an insurance coverage. They only request for the phone records when a driver is involved in an accident and has made claims. The companies use the records to blame you for the accident. Therefore, it would be in your best […]

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5 Reasons Why Life Insurance Payouts May Be Delayed

The main reason why individuals opt to take up a life insurance policy is to ensure that their dependents are not financially disadvantaged by their demise. This translates into a certain peace of mind that makes you sleep better. Consequently, payouts become claimable as soon as the insured dies and in most cases, payments are […]